The Lawyer:

Atlantic Courts #4

Content Warnings

Self-harm (historic), humiliation, degradation, impact play, human trafficking (mentioned), neglect, death of a sibling, suicidal ideation, anal hook, restraints, kidnap, violence, sibling abandonment, grief, death, surgery (brief discussion), self-harm relapse (on page), spitting, corpse, vomit, cheating (dubious), gun play, use of sex as a coping mechanism, decapitation, self-punishment, destructive behaviours, dangerous sexual acts, dubcon, slapping, warming/soaking, accidental cuck, self-castration (attempted, not on page), masks (not MMC), molestation. 

Forced acts: pornography, necrophilia, figging, rape (mentioned and on page), gang rape, sexual assault, cannibalism, pedophilia, child sexual abuse, drugging, child death, torture, restraints, necrophilia, psychological abuse, sodomy, starvation, sensory deprivation, scat, guro, cattle prods.

There are elements of a BDSM dynamic and this is not an accurate portrayal or meant for educational purposes.

[NB: there is a part of this storyline involving a minor - if this is something that you can't read about please don't continue. If you would like further information, please contact me by email or instagram @axcole_writing]

***There are two chapters in 3rd person POV - these are marked with inverted chapter graphics in the e-book, the paperback chapters are on black paper for this POV***