Current Work in Progress

The idea for my current WIP was born from one line in a draft that's hidden deep down in the bottom of my hard drive. It is the most plot heavy book I have ever thought of, and it's just twisted. Honestly, I can't even describe it because it borders on a psychological thriller/horror. This means it is harder to write because each sentence could easily spoil the entire plot from chapter one.
The relationship itself is probably the darkest in dynamics and all the characters are unhinged. If I ever get round to actually finishing it, just trust the process. It will have you wanting to throat punch certain characters and hating others until it's all revealed. I hope I can do the idea in my head justice.
This book will have: revenge plot, masked stalker, sick & twisted, heavy on manipulation, and psychological torment. It is not a stalker romance where he's besotted with her and he falls madly in love instantly. It is abusive and messed up.

Current Edits

ECB #1 is fully finished and finalised. Viripotent is so damn close to being out in the world. These characters are some of my all time favourite characters from the universe in my twisted mind. Book #2 is currently with the editor and I'll have a release date for it soon. The others in the series have all been completed, but I haven't fully finalised the last version. This series is super twisted in parts and there are so many skeletons in this family it's insane.

Charlie Update

I've finished Charlie's book! Finally! It hasn't been edited yet and I'm taking a step back from the Courts for a little while because they've been the loudest voices for so long that I can't see the wood for the trees where they're concerned.
His book is nowhere near as dark as dark as any of the others. It is very insta-love because he spends months watching Evie. He knows her before they're ever really introduced. There are a lot of easter eggs for the kids books. It was the hardest thing to write, to date, because every time something sweet would happen I'd remember that she dies. That was brutal. Other than that though, it's sweet.
It was the strangest writing experience because in my head they're like the parents and anything remotely spicy felt weird to write. With it being a short book, there are less spicy scenes and there's no grand declaration. Charlie wasn't the type to scream from the rooftops at any point in his life.
As promised, as soon as it's ready I'll send the link out in my newsletter. Make sure to sign up, so you don't miss it.