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Three organisations took over control of New York from the previous five families and have complete control.

  • The Enterprise: Albanian Mafia - Family Name: Kadare

  • The Stidda: Sicilian Mafia - Family Name: Alessi

  • The 'Ndrangheta: Italian (Calabria) Mafia - Family Name: VerelliĀ 


Russian mafia with their own security groups. Maximoff Mikhailow is the Pakhan.

  • The Vartanov family are their own security group within the East Coast Bratva

The Twelve Families

There are twelve families who control Vegas. The organisation isn't made up of the same mafia structure as the rest of the country.

Corsican Milleu
  • Based in Marseille. Head of the organisation is Antone and Quentin is the money man. Saveriu is the enforcer.

Click the above for the full family tree of Atlantic Courts showing who's blood related. Contains spoilers if you haven't read book two.