Content Warnings

The Gambler

Death of parents, neglect, suicide (attempted), assault, violence, impulsive behaviour, self-harm, sexsomnia*, sexual assault, foster/adoption, abusive parents, alcoholism, drug abuse, rape (mentioned, not between MC's), dubcon, somnophilia, molestation, parasomnia, drugging, forced marriage, manipulation, grief, language, controlling behaviour, financial abuse.

The Liar

Torture, death, (untrained) medical procedures, suicide (attempted), scarring, death of a parent, child abuse/neglect, overdose, dubcon, knife play, blood play, impact play, morgue, compulsive lying, gun play, drug abuse, gambling, scarification, self-injury, autopsy, somnophilia, delusional main character, noncon, CNC (not accurate), death of a character, substance/alcohol abuse, self-medicating, abusive behaviours, psychological abuse, manipulation, branding, adoption/fostering, discussions of terminal illness(es), organ scarring, surgery, medical paraphernalia, snakes, spiders, frogs, grief, hallucinations, tumors, desecration of a corpse, warming/soaking, forced orgasm, reciprocated stalking, controlling, jealousy, organ donation/research, re-emergence, blindfold, restraints, (forced) breeding, child trafficking, grooming, hallucinations.

The Lover

Attempted suicide, scarring, obsession, child abuse/neglect, foster/adoption, mentions of self-harm, stalking, anxiety/depression, violence, domestic violence, bullying, murder, miscarriage, false pregnancy, poor self-worth, negative inner voice, mental institutions, narcissistic abuse, grief, prison, torture, manipulation, obsession (outside of MC’s), death of a parent, PTSD, mention of waterboarding, sexual assault, rape (attempted/not between MC’s), haunted house, fear play (slight)

The Lawyer

Self-harm (historic), humiliation, degradation, impact play, human trafficking (mentioned), neglect, death of a sibling, suicidal ideation, anal hook, restraints, kidnap, violence, sibling abandonment, grief, death, surgery (brief discussion), self-harm relapse (on page), spitting, corpse, vomit, cheating (dubious), gun play, use of sex as a coping mechanism, decapitation, self-punishment, destructive behaviours, dangerous sexual acts, dubcon, slapping, warming/soaking, accidental cuck, self-castration (attempted, not on page), masks (not MMC), molestation. 

Forced acts: pornography, necrophilia, figging, rape (mentioned and on page), sexual assault, cannibalism, pedophilia, child sexual abuse, drugging, child death, torture, restraints, necrophilia, psychological abuse, sodomy, starvation, sensory deprivation, scat, guro, electrocution.

There are elements of a BDSM dynamic and this is not an accurate portrayal.

The Fighter

Cheating/mental aspect of infidelity, sharing (MFF/FMF, MFM, MFFM), domestic violence*, child abuse/neglect, snake play, conditioner tampering, humiliation, dubcon, noncon, violence, drug abuse (mentioned), addiction, abandonment, anger issues, night terrors, degradation, fear play, brother-sister play (non-relation), restraints, creampie eating (forced), assault, dangerous sex acts, explicit language, breath play, questionable use of kitchen utensils, cum play, DVP, DP, condom removal, fertility (mentioned), miscarriage (historic), breaking sobriety forced (teetotal not due to addiction), spitting, grooming (briefly mentioned), abortion (historic, briefly mentioned), birth control tampering (non MMC), balaclava, food play/tampering, cuckholding (non MMC)