Atlantic Courts

Charlemagne 'Charlie' Delacort was never destined to raise children after losing his wife and daughter. A lifetime of being embroiled within the Twelve Families of Las Vegas meant he was also destined to never meet her again in death, unless he done something drastic. A promise made to his dead wife lead him to adopt and nurture three children - Decker, Rian, and Mikaela Mannix - who changed his life and the lives of three other children - Alia, Zidane, and Khalilah - as they became the Atlantic Courts ruling the casinos of Atlantic City while forming their own family.

Welcome to their circus as they navigate their childhood trauma, abandonment, and all of their personality oddities to find love, build family, and remain deranged with the people who accept them.

Darkness level ranges and the spectrum is subjective but in my opinion the range is -

           ♤  AC1: light grey ♤ ・ ♧ AC2: medium grey ♧ ・ ♡ AC3: light/medium grey ♡ ・ ⚖️  AC4: dark grey ⚖️ ・ ♢ AC5: light/medium grey ♢ 

The Gambler & The Lady

Zenith, the time at which something is at its most successful or powerful. Her name should have warned Rian that she'd be the peak, the highest point of his life. He's obsessed over her for years, but he finally get the golden opportunity he's been waiting for.

What's a better way to fuck a man over than fucking his wife?

The Liar & The Psychopath

Quentin is obsessed with beauty, and Alia is obsessed with death. Together they make all the blood, violence, and destruction a work of art.

In the end they save each other, but they have to destroy one another first.

How do you destroy someone who is already broken?

The Lover & The Oblivious

Khalilah has watched every romcom imaginable while she's been hiding at home after a mistake when she was a teenager. She's slowly re-entering society when she gets her own tailored meet cute - a stranger comes to her defence. But he doesn't turn around.

What choice does she have than to 'research' his life to create another one?

The Lawyer & The Thief

Decker is stuck watching his family from the outside in when he meets his thief. Time moves on, and she goes from stealing his phone to his sanity as they're thrust into hell without their senses.

He was always told that his deep need to protect would be his downfall, but he never thought it would be due to the woman who stormed into his office demanding a job.

What would you do to survive?

The Fighter & [redacted]

Zidane lives his life with one rule: be the bull and never the cuck. His nightmares chase him, but it all changes when he meets the one who allows him to dream and the tan line on her wedding finger is slowly fading giving him grand ideas.

But that all comes crashing down when he walks into his house to see that Camille Jamison isn't who she says she is with her husband by her side, and she's his adopted sister.

How do you get revenge for someone killing your dreams?